Advanced Classes

Working concept:

To access a Advanced Class, you will need to meet ability score prerequisites. (You may notice that each combination totals 20 on the point buy scale, so they are roughly of equal power.)

Adv Class Primary Score Secondary Score Tertiary Score Description
Armiger Con 18 Str 13 None The armor-master, the impenetrable, the defender.
Brute Str 18 Con 13 None The raging beast, the berserker, the storm.
Gendarme Str 16 Con 16 None The (wo)man-at-arms, the fighter, the brave.
Knight Str 16 Con 14 Cha 14 The cavalier, the paladin, the order-sworn.
Rake Cha 18 Dex 13 None The charlatan, the swindler, the con artist.
Rascal Int 16 Dex 14 Cha 14 The rogue, the trapfinder, the sneakthief.
Scout Wis 16 Dex 14 Str 14 The tracker, the ranger, the survivalist.

ones i’m not as sure about:

Commander Cha??

Advanced Class details can be found here.

Advanced Classes

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