The Armiger depends on his armor to protect himself. He stands between his allies and their enemies, absorbing blows on his armor. Constitution is the Armiger’s most important stat, to maximize hit points. Strength is his second most important stat in order to maximize his chance to hit and damage his foes.

Constitution: 17
Strength: 14

Class Features
Hit Dice: 2d6 per level
Skills: 2 + intelligence modifier per level
Points: 1 per level

Class Level Base Attack Bonus Base Defense Bonus Saves (F/R/W) Specials
1 +1 +1 2/0/+2 Access to 1H Martial Weapons
Access to Heavy Armors
Access to Tower Shields
2 +2 +2 3/0/+3 Deflective Shield
3 +3 +3 3/1/+3 Armor Training
4 +4 +4 4/1/+4 Combat Feat
5 +5 +5 4/1/+4 Armored Defense
+1 to any ability score


Steel & Shadow clement