Wits represent your mental focus, your fighting spirit, and your ability to keep your cool under stress. Like Health, your lost wits can be regained using skills out of combat, such as Succor.

Your maximum Wits is always your Wisdom score x 5.

Losing Your Wits

A variety of things can cause you to lose your wits: encountering a dangerous foe, exposure to Shadow, witnessing a horrific event, etc. You can reduce your Wits losses by making a Wits Check, by rolling d100, with the DC equal to your current Wits. (Yes, this means that it’s easier to lose your wits if you’ve been losing them already! Keep your wits about you.)

An Example of a Wits Check:

Jerrey the Adventurer has 52 Wits. Whilst picnicking with his hapless friend Rand in the forest, enjoying a crispy rasher of bacon that he pilfered from the tavern’s storeroom, he is ambushed by a band of goblins.

When Wits drop below half: shaken

At 0, frightened
At negative, panicked and lose 1 wits per round until negative Wisdom, then you’re ‘at the brink’.

At the Brink (like Death’s Door): While at -Wisdom, you make a Will save each round with DC of negative Wits. If you pass, you survive a while longer. If you fail, your mind and spirit could not stand the strain of adventuring, and you fall comatose, forever broken by what you’ve experienced.


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